3D Mic Pro in action

High quality digital media = high production cost? Not anymore. Increase the production value of your social media YouTube video, Ad films without increasing budget, crews or production time. How? Canadian film director Matthew Bennett shares his filmmaking secret

Steve Fisher, Dan Campbell-Llyod and RedBull Media House presents their secret of phenomenal surround sound in their adventure films.

A short test by Rodrigo Baleia

Setting up POV cam with 3D Mic Pro by Tim Clague

Everyone's Alright With This - Behind the Scenes by Tim Clague

FAQ on the POV by Tim Clague

POVCam Technical Test 1 by Tim Clague

10th Anniversary Salsa By the Sea idyll.com, Sound: 3D Mic Pro, 2012

3D Mic in action at occupy Wall Street by Charles Maring, Sound: 3D Mic Pro Location: New York, 2011

3D Mic in action at Reno Off-Road racing by Dan Campbell-Lloyed, Sound: 3D Mic Pro Location: Reno, Nevada

3D Mic Test by Vincent Laforet, Sound: 3D Mic Pro, Camera: Red Epic, Canon 5D Location: San Francisco

Terminus by Philip Bloom, Sound: 3D Mic Pro, Camera: Arri Alexa, Location: UK

A video review by Alexandre Zandre Sugawara Isobe


Testing the Mitra 3D Mic for the first time in Boston. The Mitra 3D Mic is an affordable Binaural microphone that does a great job capturing sounds in the way that we hear it. I used a Canon 60D for the video. Check out www.OhMyVlog.com for an in depth discussion on the microphone.

Filmmaker Thaddeus Setla of setlafilms.com is planning to shoot his next production with multiple 3D Mic Pro configuration.

A Day at San Francisco, Microphone: 3D Mic Pro, Recorder: Marantz PMD661, Sony PCM D50, Camera: Canon 5D Mark II