NAB 2013 show videos

NAB 2013 was a great show for us! This was our first time at the nation's biggest broadcasting conference, and even though our booth was the farthest away from pro-audio as possible (that section was already filled up when we registered) thousands of filmmakers came by after hearing about the game-changing 3D Mic Pro. Many of them were so impressed that they brought their friends, crew, co-workers, and even bosses to check out our microphone!

The words "amazing", "unbelievable", and "I need this now!" were said quite often at our booth as many people couldn't believe the immersive surround sound they could get with the 3D Mic Pro. They loved it even more when they saw how easy it was to use the microphone (just plug it in to any camera or sound recorder) and how painless it made post-processing sound imaging to be.

We were very flattered and inspired by our visitor's compliments and ideas we captured them on video! You can watch them here:

Missed us at NAB 2013? No worries, we will be back with our latest innovations in NAB 2014. See you then!

A candid cellphone interview with product managers of Mac Group at NAB 2013

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