3D MIC Academic Discount

If you or your organization meets any of the following criterion, then you are elligible for Mitra 20% Academic Discount

K12 or higher sStudents
Home School students
Full time or part time teachers, faculties
Educational Institutions
501C3 Non-profits

The organizations which are not eligible for academic pricing are:

Non-accredited schools
Training centers
Non-United States residents or educational facilities
Non-profit/charitable organizations that do not meet the qualifications above



Proof of eligibility

Any one the following document which is applicable to you.

K12 Student/Parents

  • Report Card
  • Student ID
  • Registration Receipt
  • Letter of Enrollment on school letterhead
Home School Students/Parents
  • Membership in Home School Association
  • Receipt for Home School Curriculum
  • Letter of intent to home school from a state agency
College Students/Parents
  • Instant Online Verification
  • Current Student ID
  • Course Schedule
  • Registration Receipt for this semester
  • Letter of Enrollment on school letterhead

Teachers, Faculty, Staff

  • Link to your faculty web page
  • Faculty ID
  • Letter of Employment on school letterhead
  • Pay Stub (cross out confidential information)
School Districts, Colleges, Universities
  • Your Purchase Order
501C3 Nonprofit Organizations
  • IRS letter stating you are a 501(c)3

How to place academic discount order

Get your proof of eligibility documents ready and contact us at support@3dmicpro.com